Since 1995, Doug has written over 100 articles for woodworking magazines, fifteen books, and  3 instructional DVDs. For more information about his articles, see this page.

Building Small Cabinets

Building Small Cabinets
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Useful storage that’s functional art. A thoughtfully designed cabinet can transcend its utilitarian role to add a beautiful, functional piece of art to your home. The handsome projects recommended in Building Small Cabinets use sustainable domestic hardwoods and natural materials with low impact on the environment.

Eight wonderful small box designs. This book will inspire novice and intermediate woodworkers to create projects that showcase both your treasures and your talent. More than 300 color photos and 26 drawings complement the detailed instructions to help you hone your cabinetmaking skills. There are also creative suggestions on how to customize the eight basic projects and make them uniquely your own.

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