Since 1995, Doug has about 100 articles for woodworking magazines, fourteen books, and 3 instructional DVDs. For more information about his articles, see this page.

The Box Maker’s Guitar Book

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Sweet-Sounding Design & Build Projects for Makers & Musicians

If you’ve ever wanted to make a guitar, you probably got overwhelmed quickly. The Boxmaker’s Guitar Book takes you back to basics with the simple reminder that all woodworkers and makers know how to make boxes. From that building block, you can create a beautiful guitar that sounds good, too. With simple construction techniques, author Doug Stowe breaks down the guitar into its component parts so you can mix and match to create your own unique instrument. You’ll learn how to create sound holes, necks, frets, nuts, tail pieces, bridges, and all the pieces you need to complete your musical masterpiece. The 15 easy projects in The Boxmaker’s Guitar Book include more than just a flat-sided box―try your hand at a scissor-tail or K-body design, or even a ukulele.

With a minimal investment of time and tools, you can have a sweet-sounding box guitar to strum on your own or give to a friend.

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