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Custom Woodworking

As furniture maker my preference is to work with native American hardwoods. These hardwoods will be there for future generations. Beyond that, I adhere to some basic design principles:

  • The work must be useful – for to be useful is one of the highest of human objectives.
  • The work must show respect for the wood, for the tree, and for the forest.
  • The work must fit the needs, character and temperament of the client.
  • The work must fit my own desire to learn and to grow.

My customers have come to me, asking that I make what they’ve not yet seen, that I’ve never yet made, in faith and trust that I’ll be able to deliver something truly unique, useful, and beautiful that will last a lifetime. It is an honor and a gift to serve those with such vision and I owe a great deal to these individuals who have invested in the development of my skill and creativity.

Every piece of furniture I’ve made began with a brief discussion of client needs and maker philosophy. It can be by email or over dinner. Some fine works have started as napkin sketches. All at some point involve drawings, estimates and an exchange of funds.

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