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Build 25 Beautiful Boxes

Build 25 Beautiful Boxes
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Think inside the box!

Build 25 Beautiful Boxes is a compilation from Stowe’s first two books, Creating Beautiful Boxes with Inlay Techniques, and Simply Beautiful Boxes.

Looking for a fun way to make use of those offcuts you’ve been saving? Making wooden boxes is a great way to use scrap lumber or exotic woods that can prove too expensive for larger projects. Boxes require a minimal amount of material but afford you the opportunity to learn and practice a range of woodworking techniques. Plus, handmade boxes make great gifts.

Build 25 Beautiful Boxes features an array of gorgeous boxes for a variety of special uses. You’ll find stunning designs for jewelry boxes and chests, boxes for pens, a wedding ring music box, boxes with unique shapes and distinctive gift boxes. Along the way you’ll learn inlay and joinery techniques that can be applied to other areas of your woodworking. Inside you’ll find:

  • 25 art and heirloom box projects designed by a box-making master
  • Step-by-step instructions for making inlay and using it to enhance your projects
  • Great ideas for using precious wood scraps
  • Helpful tips for sourcing wood

Let this book be your guide and start making your own beautiful wooden boxes today.

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