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Boxes on cover of Fine Woocworking Magazine
Doug's Boxes on the cover of Fine Woodworking


December 2023 Popular Woodworking
Wall Hung Basswood Cabinet
Active Interest Media

November 2023 Make Magazine
Ginormous Froebel Blocks

June 2023 Popular Woodworking
Coopered Leg Hall Table
Active Interest Media

Summer 2023 Woodcarving Illustrated
Woodcarving Illustrated Woodcarving with Kids
Fox Chapel*

Jan/Feb 2023 Fine Woodworking
Boxes in Bunches
Taunton Press


Sept./Oct. 2021 Quercus
Blade Ways, making spoon knives
Quercus Magazine, UK

August 2021 Popular Woodworking
Taming the Quadrant Hinge
AIM Media

Summer 2021 Quercus
Making a Moxon Vise
Quercus Magazine, UK


Autumn 2020 Quercus
Cutting Edge of Minds
Quercus Magazine,*UK


August 2018 Woodcraft Magazine
Build a Box Guitar
Woodcraft, Inc

June 2018 Fine Woodworking
Add Splines for a Stronger Miter
Taunton Press

April 2018 Fine Woodworking
Simple Box-Joint Sled
Taunton Press


February 2017 Fine Woodworking
Pick the Perfect Hinge for Your Box
Taunton Press


July 2016 Wood Magazine
Building on Book Learning


October 2014 Wood Magazine
Box Tops that Rock

June/July 2014 American Woodworker
Silver Chest
F+W Media


August 2013 Fine Woodworking
Master Class wooden hinges
Taunton Press

Summer 2013 Best of Fine Woodworking
Outdoor Projects
Taunton Press

April 2013 Fine Woodworking
Installing knife hinges
Taunton Press


December 2012 British Woodworking
Wisdom of the Hands
Fresh Wood Publishing

Fall 2012 Fine Woodworking
Quick and Easy Projects (Compilation)
Taunton Press

August/Sept 2012 American Woodworker
No Fuss Box Joints

March 2012 Fine Woodworking
Easy Glass Doors
Taunton Press


December 2011 Fine Woodworking
Distinctive Box Details
Taunton Press

August/Sept 2011 American Woodworker
Sliding Book Rack.

July 2011 Make Magazine: Vol. 27
Spoon Carving Knife

March 2011 Fine Woodworking
Mini router bits from Amana
Taunton Press


June/July 2010 Woodcraft
Mixing and Matching Woods

March 2010 Lee Valley Woodworking News, Vol.4 Issue 4
Wisdom of the Hands

April 2010 Fine Woodworking
Perfect Hinges Every Time

Feb/March 2010 American Woodworker
The Gifkins Box

Feb/March 2010 American Woodworker
A Simple Router Table


Summer 2009 Furniture Matters
Sloyd, Wood Shop and Formative Education

Summer 2009 Fine Woodworking
Essential Shopmade Jigs (Compilation)
Taunton Press

February 2009 Custom Woodworking Business CWB
Wisdom of the Hands

Feb/March 2009 American Woodworker
School News, Clear Spring School


December 2008 Fine Woodworking
Better Way to Build Boxes
Taunton Press

October 2008 Woodwork
Revisiting Educational Sloyd

October 2008 Woodworks
Sloyd Models

April 2008 Fine Woodworking Cover story
Designing Boxes – order here
Taunton Press

April 2008 Woodwork
A Simple Bookstand

February 2008 Woodwork
Robyn’s Bench


December 2007 Woodwork
A Tale of Two Boxes

September 2007 Woodcraft
Doug’s Custom Knife Box

August 2007 CabinetMaker, editorial
Woodshop in a Nutshell

August 2007 Fine Woodworking Website
Woodworking for Kids
Taunton Press

April 2007 Woodwork
A Beginner’s Bench Hook

Spring 2007 Independent School
Woodworking at Clear Spring School

March 2007 Woodcraft
Economics, Woodworking and Stamp Trucks


December 2006 Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice
Wisdom of the Hands

December 2006 Fine Woodworking
Center Gap Table Tops
Taunton Press

November 2006 Woodwork
Making a vacuum veneered box

November 2006 Woodcraft
Making a pen collection box

August 2006 Fine Woodworking
Finishing Boxes with Danish Oil
Taunton Press

August 2006 Woodwork
Making a carved Jewelry Box

June 2006 Woodwork
Making a Rustic Wooden Box

April 2006 Woodwork
A Union of Souls, Profile of Robyn Horn

April 2006 Woodwork
Making Crooked Knives

March 2006 Northern Woodlands
Another View of Woodworking Education

Jan/Feb 2006 Fine Woodworking
Methods of Work “A minimalist router table”


Nov/Dec 2005 Fine Woodworking
Reader’s Gallery, Walnut Workbench

January 2006 Woodcraft
Vacuum Laminated Box

December 2005 Woodcraft
Making Magazine Storage Boxes

October 2005 Woodwork
Making a Walnut Writing Desk

November 2005 Woodcraft
Back to School, the Wisdom of the Hands

August 2005 Woodwork
Beginning Sloyd, 21st Century

August 2005 Woodwork
The Sloyd Knife

July 2005 Woodcraft
White Oak Bookcase

May 2005 Woodcraft
Making a Walnut Box with Mitered Box Joints
Dovetail Media

June 2005 Woodwork
Making a Cane for Aunt Wuzzie

April 2005 The Woodworker
Making a Stone topped Table
Nexus Media, UK

February 2005 Woodwork
Making Scandinavian Bent Wood Boxes


December 2004 Woodwork
Making Sculpture from the Half Model

December 2004 Practical Woodworking
Making a Cradle
Nexus Media, UK

October 2004 Practical Woodworking
Chair for a Young Rocker
Nexus Media, UK

August 2004 Woodwork
Free Wood

August 2004 Woodwork
Educational Sloyd

August 2004 Woodwork
Paper Sloyd

June 2004 Woodwork
Making a Tribal Coffee Table

June 2004 The Woodworker
Making Desk Compartments
Nexus Media, UK

January 2004 Practical Woodworker
Boxes With Angled Slip-Feathers
Nexus Media, UK

April 2004 Woodwork
Making Valentines Boxes-Family and Community in the Woodshop


December 2003 Woodwork
Making a Box for John Ruskin

August 2003 Woodwork
Making Stone Topped Tables

April 2003 Woodwork
Making Lucy’s Cradle


December 2002 Woodwork
Making Desk Compartments-Cubbies, Drawers and Secret Boxes

October 2002 Woodwork
Making “Turned” Shaker Knobs on the Router Table

July 2002 Practical Woodworker
Hall Table
Nexus Media, UK

June 2002 Woodwork
Spalted Maple and Walnut Table

April 2002 Woodwork
Making a Child’s Walnut Rocker

February 2002 The Woodworker
Pedestal Table, Hinge Jig
Nexus Media, UK


December 2001 Woodwork
Making Boxes With Angled Slip-feathers

August 2001 Woodwork
A Simple Technique For Installing Butt Hinges

August 2001 Woodwork
Half Blind Dovetails (With Power Assist)


December 2000 Woodwork
Making an Inlaid Pencil Box With Slot Hinges


July/Aug 1997 Woodworker’s Journal
Cherry dining chairs

Mar/Apr. 1997 Woodworker’s Journal
Cherry dining table

Jan/Feb. 1997 Woodworker’s Journal
Cherry Sideboard


Aug/Sept.1996 Woodworker’s Journal Online
Artist’s Profile

April 1996 Fine Woodworking
Notes and Comments, Table and benches.


Nov./Dec 1995 Woodworker’s Journal
Spice Cabinet and Artist Profile

Sept./Oct. 1995 Woodworker’s Journal
Earring chest, inside and cover

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